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From the moment that 'Now and Then', the final Beatles song to ever be released, was announced last week, I have been in limbo. It has been my every waking thought. Hearing it at 2pm GMT today was an insurgence of emotion, and a little bit of a broken heart.

Fall Out Boy, the American rock band renowned for their energetic performances and innovative sound, has once again left fans astounded with their latest release, 'We Didn't Start The Fire.' This remarkable cover of Billy Joel's classic hit pays homage to significant news events spanning from 1989 to 2023, serving as a poignant reminder of our...

Ed Sheeran's latest release, "Boat," is a charming and introspective track that showcases the singer's skillful songwriting and evocative vocals. The song is a departure from Sheeran's usual style, eschewing the upbeat pop anthems that he's become known for in favor of a more stripped-down, acoustic sound.

Noel Gallagher started out as the brains behind Oasis, but has since moved into his own band, titled 'Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds'. The High Flying Birds have had a pretty solid lineup since they were formed in 2010, however there have been some special guests, including Johnny Marr and Paul Weller.

Maisie Peters is single handedly trying to rewrite the music industry, and I hope she succeeds. I am such a fan of hers! Every time she releases a new song it sticks in my head for weeks, and as soon as it's gone I miss it so listen to it again, and the cycle repeats.

The bedroom-pop wave has never been more exciting to be a part of, and Phoebe Hall is quickly jumping to the front. Polished production, pristine vocal melodies and heartwarming synths are the glue to her signature sound that is infectious. Lyrically in her music, Phoebe wants to encourage others to be themselves as she refuses to shy away from...

The success of his first solo album, which was self-titled, could have been a fluke - but 2019's Fine Line broke records and boundaries. It is perhaps best known for the single Watermelon Sugar, but Fine Line is more than just an album. It is, and will continue to be, for many fans, a way of life.

FUNERAL GREY by American rock band Waterparks is absolutely awesome. I love a lot of Waterparks' stuff, but I think that their last few singles have been questionable - particularly their 'Fandom' album. I liked the first single, Turbulent, from it, but after that I lost interest.

My Chemical Romance, an American rockband who were the soundtrack to a lot of people's childhoods in the early to mid-2000s, reformed in 2019 with the promise of a return to live performances. Obviously, coronavirus had other plans, however they are just about to return to the UK.